Large group on wine tasting tour
Grapeline shuttle at winery with red flowers


You might be spending too much.  Here's your "spend less" guide to Grapeline and Paso Robles Wine Country in general.  

Flexible schedule?  Avoid Saturdays and other high-demand days, like the Sundays that fall on three-day weekends. Not only are the wine tours $10 to $30 less on low-demand days, but the price tag for other wine country necessities (like lodging) is lower as well.  As a bonus, you'll find that Paso's tasting rooms, restaurants, shops, etc. are less busy and typically offer correspondingly better service.

Coming in from out of the area?  Grapeline offers its lowest rates for local pickups.  Consider booking a Paso Robles hotel, and the lower tour price will help pay for the hotel room.  OK, you'll probably spend a bit more than day-tripping, but it makes for a more relaxing and fun outing to stay locally and check out the area's dining options.

Shopping for wine? Consider joining a wineries wine club. Many wineries offer their wine club member waived tasting fees, incredible discounts on wine purchases, event, merchandise, shipping and more...