Discover the excellence of Mourvèdre in Paso Robles.
Taming the Beast: The Wildness of Mourvèdre Mourvèdre. Powerful Tiger is Pictured.

Discover the excellence of Mourvèdre in Paso Robles

Overlooking Wine Country and Enjoying Paso Robles Wine

Discover the excellence of Mourvèdre in Paso Robles

by Kay Syrah | Wine Country Guru Gal

Paso Robles' Prowess: The Excellence of MourvèdrePaso Robles' Prowess: The Excellence of Mourvèdre In the golden expanses of California, a sea of vineyards under the name of Paso Robles captures the imagination of wine connoisseurs worldwide. With its vibrant pioneering spirit and distinctive terroir, this compelling region stands as a titan in the New World wine industry. Its unique rendition of the Mourvèdre grape has been the subject of high praise and critical acclaim. So, what is it about this robust, rustic variety that flourishes so profoundly in Paso Robles? Let's pour a glass and delve into the artistry of Mourvèdre. Mourvèdre: A Rustic Virtuoso Originating in Spain as Monastrell, Mourvèdre is a dark-skinned grape variety that later found its way to France's Rhône Valley. It often supports blends but has proven itself as a standout solo artist in the right terroir, and Paso Robles is a testament to this potential. Paso Robles: A Terroir to Treasure What makes Paso Robles such an exceptional canvas for Mourvèdre? At the heart of the answer lies the terroir. This region boasts a mix of calcareous and siliceous soils, perfect for draining water and encouraging the deep root growth essential for Mourvèdre. This grape thrives under arid conditions, needing heat and sun to ripen fully, and Paso Robles' Mediterranean climate, with its warm, sunny days and cool, foggy nights, provides just that. The diurnal temperature variation, the significant difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures, is another boon. This variance enables the Mourvèdre grapes to develop intense fruit flavors and retain a balancing acidity, contributing to the full-bodied, complex wines for which the region is celebrated.

Taming the Beast: The Wildness of Mourvèdre Mourvèdre, the wild child of the wine world, is often referred to as a beast that must be tamed. Its high tannin content and bold, gamey flavors make it an unruly variety that needs a skilled hand to master. Mourvèdre is notoriously fickle. It requires a lot of warmth and sun to ripen fully; neither can it leave it green and harsh. This warmth-loving grape also has a thick skin, leading to high levels of tannins in the finished wine. Tannins can contribute bitterness and astringency and, if not managed well, overpower the wine's fruitiness and balance. However, in the skilled hands of Paso Robles' winemakers, this wildness is not a flaw but a challenge to be embraced. The taming of Mourvèdre begins in the vineyard. 

Growers must ensure the grape gets enough heat and sunlight and prevent overripening, which can lead to overly alcoholic and flabby wines. However, in the skilled hands of Paso Robles' winemakers, this wildness is not a flaw but a challenge to be embraced. The taming of Mourvèdre begins in the vineyard. Growers must ensure the grape gets enough heat and sunlight but also prevent overripening, which can lead to overly alcoholic and flabby wines. Pruning and canopy management strategies ensure that just the right amount of sunlight and heat penetrates the grape clusters. Additionally, the harvest must be timed perfectly to capture the grape at its optimal ripeness, balancing its wild, potent flavors with natural acidity. 

The taming process continues in the winery, where winemakers must decide on fermentation and aging strategies to soften the tannins and balance the beastly nature of Mourvèdre. Extended maceration techniques are often employed, where the grape juice is left in contact with the skins, seeds, and stems for a prolonged period to extract tannins and color gently. The choice of vessel for aging is another significant decision. While new oak barrels can contribute additional tannins, they can also aid in softening and impart complementary flavors of spice and vanilla. Alternatively, older barrels or concrete vessels can be used to preserve the pure, unadulterated fruit flavors of Mourvèdre. 

The result of this labor-intensive process is a wine that still bears the hallmarks of Mourvèdre's wild side but in a more refined and balanced manner. The intense fruit flavors are still there but wrapped in a softer, smoother mouthfeel. The high tannins contribute structure and longevity to the wine but don't overwhelm the palate. Taming the beast of Mourvèdre is no easy task, but the winemakers of Paso Robles rise to the challenge with aplomb. 

Their skill and dedication result in a wine that balances the wildness of Mourvèdre with a touch of sophistication, truly encapsulating the spirit and terroir of Paso Robles.

Mourvedre Wine Characteristics

FRUIT:  Blueberry, Blackberry, Plum, OTHER: Black Pepper, Violet, Rose, Smoke, Gravel, MeatOAK: Yes. Usually medium to long oak aging.TANNIN: HighACIDITY: Medium (+)ABV:12-15%COMMON SYNONYMS: Monastrell, Alicante, Mataró, Damas Noir, Pinot Fleri, Mataro, Torrentes, Monastre, Mourves,REGIONAL NAMES: Bandol(France) and Alicante (Spain) are dominantly Mourvedre. The Rhône, Provence, and Corbieres regions use Mourvedre as a blending grape. 

The Paso Robles' Mourvèdre: Character and Complexity 

When well-crafted, Mourvèdre from Paso Robles is a symphony of complexity. It presents a deep ruby hue and entices the nose with a bouquet of dark fruit aromas accented with earthy, spicy undertones. These wines boast layers of dark cherry, blackberry, and plum on the palate, intermingled with hints of black pepper, leather, and game. Further enhancing the appeal, Paso Robles Mourvèdre wines showcase a dense tannin structure and a refreshing acidity that makes them age-worthy. With time, they evolve in the bottle, offering tertiary notes of dried fruits, tobacco, and forest floor, making each vintage a fascinating journey of taste. 

Celebrating the Artistry of Paso Robles' Winemakers 

Integral to the narrative of Paso Robles' Mourvèdre is the innovative spirit of its winemakers. They extract the best from this challenging variety through their careful vineyard management and meticulous winemaking processes. From the harvest timing to the fermentation methods and barrel selection, each decision made is a stroke in the masterpiece that is Paso Robles Mourvèdre. In conclusion, the confluence of a distinctive terroir, a resilient grape variety, and an inspired community of vintners set the stage for the success story of Mourvèdre in Paso Robles. 

A glass of Paso Robles Mourvèdre isn't just a wine; it's a sensory exploration of a unique viticultural landscape, a testament to human ingenuity, and a compelling adventure that unfolds with every sip. So, the next time you pour yourself a glass, you're not just tasting a wine - you're partaking in the remarkable tale of Paso Robles and its exceptional Mourvèdre.

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