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Did you know that Paso Robles is one of my favorite wine regions to visit? The variety of vineyards there truly crafts some unique wines. Renowned for its diverse microclimates and soils, Paso Robles allows an impressive variety of wines to flourish. What really makes this region stand out are its friendly, down-to-earth wineries, each with its own charm and exceptional wines.

I decided it’s time to share my love of Paso Robles with you in true Kay Syrah fashion—by hosting my Signature Series here for the first time ever! To prepare, I visited some wineries over the past couple of days. I haven’t decided which wineries we will visit yet, considering there are over 200 in the area and I’m still working out some details, but I loved my experiences at the ones I've highlighted below. Even if we don’t visit them on the tour, you should definitely check them out when you’re in the area.

(1) Bianchi Winery is a place where the beauty of Paso Robles really shines through. Their winery grounds, complete with a koi pond and bocce ball, offer a serene setting to sip on their meticulously crafted wines. It’s the kind of place where you can unwind and appreciate the subtle notes of each glass. My personal favorite is the 2018 Reserve Petite Sirah. It is “rich in raisin berry fruit, sugared dates, and caramel orange peels.” Bianchi recommends pairing the wine with chocolate or toasted walnuts, but I personally enjoy it with blue cheese, which provides a savory contrast to its sweetness.

(2) SummerWood Winery offers a unique blend of luxurious accommodations and exquisite wines. You can enjoy tasting flights featuring estate-grown varietals in the tasting room that overlooks lush vineyards and scenic landscapes. Whether you're savoring their robust reds or exploring the elegant guest inn, Summerwood provides a perfect getaway. I’ve had their 2019 Sentio, and it’s a delicious blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Malbec. It complements flavors like grilled red meats, especially lamb or beef, which match its tannins and complex flavor profile.

(3) Lastly, Thacher Winery is a must-visit with its historic Kentucky Ranch setting, offering a tranquil retreat where visitors can explore a range of varietals, each reflecting the unique terroir of their vineyards. The winery and tasting room are right next to a 100-year-old barn with views of hayfields, oak trees, and vineyards, providing a perfect backdrop to enjoy their carefully curated wines. As much as I love my reds, when I’m here, my go-to is the 2022 Own-Rooted Chenin Blanc. This 100% Chenin Blanc has “notes of lemon curd, crushed wet stone, honeysuckle, and chamomile.” Its crisp and refreshing profile pairs well with a variety of dishes, such as grilled fish and oysters.

Visiting Paso Robles offers more than just fantastic wine; it’s an experience filled with scenic beauty, rich history, and a welcoming community. Whether you’re a seasoned wine aficionado or just exploring, these wineries provide a perfect snapshot of why this region is so special.

If you want to truly indulge in these experiences with trusted experts, consider booking a tour with Grapeline. It’s time to plan your visit and immerse yourself in the incredible wine region of Paso Robles.

~ Kay Syrah

Wine Country Guru Gal

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