COVID-19 Update

Our popular shared tours are running daily in Temecula, Paso Robles and Santa Barbara wine country. Private tours are available in all five regions we serve: Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robles, Santa Barbara and Temecula.  

When you come out, here's what you can expect:

  • Currently, in all of our wine tour regions, masks are recommended, but not currently required, on Grapeline vehicles for fully vaccinated guests. If you choose not to wear a mask, we will assume you are vaccinated. Individual wineries may have different rules. Please bring a mask to have handy if required.
  • Our tour hosts & drivers complete health screenings before they go out each day.
  • We sanitize common touch areas, such as handrails, between stops.
  • We have hand sanitizer available for guest use aboard all of our vehicles.
  • And finally, private tours are easier and more affordable than ever.

ARE YOU IN AN AT-RISK CATEGORY? While we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our customers, we must emphasize that the number of visitors in wine country is unpredictable - especially on Saturdays. If you are in a high-risk health category or are especially concerned about maintaining a significant distance from others, we DO NOT recommend a shared wine tour on the weekends. Please consider visiting during the week or booking a private tour for your party.


Speaking of Private Tours...

If you have 6 or more guests in your party, we highly recommend (and may require) that you secure a private vehicle for your tour day. This is especially critical on a Saturday when our shared tours are very popular. Plus, you get to pick your wineries and customize your itinerary! Pricing is similar for our private tours with 6-7 guests in the Central Coast, or 10-12 guests in Temecula -- and only slightly higher if you have fewer. A 20% service charge covers itinerary planning by a wine country specialist, and a gratuity for your driver. Call us 951-693-5755 or email to get information about our most popular private tour packages.

A Few Other Important Notes:

  • Outdoor Wine Tasting -- Depending on current health requirements, some of your wine tastings and lunch service may take place outdoors. Please dress appropriately and bring a jacket, umbrella, sunscreen, water, etc. as you might require. 
  • Behind-the-Scenes Tours - While a behind-the-scenes tour has been a staple of Grapeline tours in the past, they are currently difficult to schedule at the wineries due to staffing shortages, distancing requirements, and other challenges. When we are able to schedule a brief wine-making tour, we will always do so. But it is currently not a guaranteed inclusion.
  • Bring your Patience -- The wineries are doing their best to comply with health guidelines and manage the sometimes large numbers of guests that want to visit. We always make reservations for you at the wineries, but sometimes those wineries are overwhelmed and you might encounter an unexpected line. Bring your patience, and your sense of humor and adventure! Every day is a little bit different these days. What we CAN guarantee is that you will enjoy delicious wine and food and relax in a beautiful place. 


The Grapeline Team